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Do You Need a Solicitor for Your Workplace Claim?

You spend a lot of your time in your workplace. In fact, many people spend more waking hours in their workplace than they do in their homes. That means that you have a lot of different interactions throughout the day. Whenever you add money and influence into the equation, it gets that much more complex. That’s how so many workplace claims arise. The combination of money, power, stress and close relationships often leads to problems. However, it’s oftentimes very difficult to determine what is appropriate for an attorney and what you should handle yourself. It’s hard to know how much leverage you might have or if you even have a claim. That’s why you should definitely contact an attorney. You don’t have to necessarily file a suit, but it’s good to get an attorney on board when you think something might be happening. They can guide you through the process, tell you if you have a legitimate case and advise you on what to do next.


Sexual Harassment

This is one of the most common workplace claims. Essentially, sexual harassment is any kind of unwanted sexual attention. That’s the definition at its broadest. It sometimes becomes difficult to determine if attention is sexual in nature or if the person giving you the attention knows that you do not want it. The best time to contact an attorney is as soon as you begin to suspect you are being given this kind of attention. No claim is too small or too trivial. Harassers often try to silence you by creating doubt, convincing you that no one will believe you or that it’s not even happening at all. Maurice Blackburn in Adelaide is a firm that is dedicated to these kinds of cases.



Superannuation is the process by which employers place money in a retirement account. They’re required to submit a certain amount, but some disreputable employers try to skirt the law using different loopholes and tricks. In most cases, paying less than is required is illegal. Sometimes, employers will try to convince you that they’re not doing this, or they’ll try to intimidate you with their team of lawyers. That’s why it’s so important to call a solicitor for any workplace superannuation claims you want to make.



If you’ve been injured on a job or lost money for any reason, you need an attorney who will fight for you. You need someone who is skilled in compensation claims and also has ample experience with them. You need someone who has a history of winning their cases as well. Workplace compensation cases are notoriously difficult to win. They involve a lot of different claims that are very hard to verify. For example, if you filed an injury report with your employer but didn’t keep a copy of it, your employer is the only one who can prove your claim. If they’re trying to deny your claim, it might be incredibly difficult to pry that report out of them.


Pick a competent workplace solicitor, and they’ll guide you through it.

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