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Things that You Need When Applying for Long Term Disability

People with a disability can apply for a long term disability claim. This claim can help them survive financially. However, when filing for long term disability, there are specific requirements that you need to supply.

If you are unsure how long term disability claim works, you need a legal panel to help you. An erisa lawyer can assist you in claiming your compensation. But before you file your claim, it’s important that you have the  requirements following requirements:

Qualified Medical Condition

Long term disability claims is not limited on physical injuries sustained from accidents. They also encompass other medical conditions. Insurance policy owners can claim long term disability claim if they have chronic diseases, degenerative diseases, and other neurological disorders.

There are specific medical conditions that are not covered by your insurance. Examples of these medical conditions are cancer, bipolar disorders, and HIV/AIDS. Before filing a claim, it’s important that you know which medical conditions are covered by your insurance company.

Doctor’s Assessment

One of the requirement for long term disability is your physician’s assessment. This assessment will prove whether or not you are qualified to work.  Many insurance companies usually ask for the complete details of your disability. The attending physician should also include the prices and details of the therapies, surgeries, and medications.

Make sure that these details are well-documented before they are presented to your insurance company. Some insurance company often ask an authorization letter for them to check your medical records. Make sure that you inform your doctor about this.

Employer’s Statement

Another requirement that you need to acquire is your employer’s statement. This statement contains information like your complete personal details. It will also include your employer’s information and the nature of your work. Then, it will disclose your injury or disease. It will also discuss how you acquired such injury or disease.

Your employer will have to attach your proof of income and pay slip. In this document, your employer will also disclose the last time you have gone to work.

In this statement, you should also include the information of your medical provider and objective diagnosis. Your medical records will attest to your eligibility to receive your long term disability claim.

Document Evidences that will Help you Prove your Claim

In the case that you have sustained your injuries through an accident, you have to gather pieces of evidence that can prove your disability. Make sure that your evidence has not been tampered with.

If the police is involved, make sure to ask for a copy of an incident report. In this way, you will be able to prove that the injuries have been sustained from a specific event.


When filing for a long term disability claim, it is important that you have these requirements prepared. It will make the process easier and faster. If you are unsure, its best that you ask help from a legal counsel to guide you throughout the process.

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